Sail School

Our Mission

Active – Social – Adventurous – Safe

The ACYC Sail School wants to bring the sport of sailing into people’s lives.
We want to share the excitement, the friendship and those special moments the ocean lets you be part of through sailing.

We want to build a Sailing Program that not only gets people skilled in the sport of sailing but instills team work, respect for nature, healthy competition and self-confidence.

Starting kids at a very young age with our U7 Play sail group allows them to feel comfortable on a dinghy and get a feeling for sailing playfully. Kids from 7yrs to 16yrs will attend Stage 1 through to Stage 4 to become a skilled sailor. We want to guide everyone through the different stages so they learn the most and have fun. That is why we aim at holding Fun Training between lessons to allow students to practice the skills they have learnt by playing games and doing races in a safe environment before moving on to the next stage.

Sailing is a life long learning process and after students have completed courses at ACYC Sail School there is still a lot more to do and learn. We aim at providing high-profile race training for our students to continue to develop and compete in local, national and international events if they want to.

Being involved in competitive training and events teaches you to make decisions fast according to the rules. It teaches you to have a game plan and to use all of what you know to succeed. When you don’t win it teaches you to accept that and find out what you can do better next time by watching your team mates and asking questions.

To us it’s about helping ACYC develop its sailing activities, such as by providing in-house safety boat training to club members they can offer safety cover for others going dinghy sailing independently of ACYC Sail School activities. Even if you don’t wish to get that involved you can still sit at the Yacht Club Restaurant and watch your family and friends on the water.

We want to grow as a club and would like you all to be part of it.


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