People & Boats

Our People

The Yacht Club has formed a sub committee consisting of Scott Duncanson, Andrew De Bruin and Mick Kealy.
Alfie Rowson and Sandra Kiesel are the team coordinating and conducting lessons at the Yacht Club.

Our Boats

At present we have five OpenBIC sailing dinghies, each one sponsored by a local company.

OpenBIC-sailing-dinghy (PDF) OpenBIC sailing dinghy PDF

The OpenBICs react to everything you do, making them great boats for learning. They are light, fast, manoeuvrable and fun to sail. We would also like to promote the potential of a fun OpenBIC racing class for the kids.

We also have 2 Mirror Dinghys, 1 Bight and a few Optimists which we use for double-handed sailing and younger children.

Big Thank You to our Sponsors!

OpenBIC Dinghy Sponsors

Asia CatamaransSeahorse FurnitureElectrical MarineRoyal Phuket MarinaTamarind



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