ACYC Multihull Regatta 2013 – Provisional Programme

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ACYC Multihull Regatta 2013


The Ao Chalong Yacht Club is running this year’s ACYC Multihull Regatta with no major sponsors. That means all effort is focused on you, the participants. It also means entry fees need to cover costs.

This year’s format is simple. Go sailing, come back, have a few (or many) beers at the club bar, chew the fat about the day’s racing and grab some food if you want. Prizegivings are early so that those who want to go out partying have time to do so.

Kim & Pia are supplying pizzas on Friday night and our Commodore Mick Kealy of Octopus Electrical is providing the food on the last night.

Thursday 11 July
16:00 – 20:00 Registration at ACYC
Friday 12 July Race Day One / Two races scheduled
09:00 Skippers briefing
Crew weigh-in
11:00 First Warning Signal
17:00 Race Day 1 Prizegiving at ACYC
17:30 Pizza Party at ACYC (pizza courtesy of Kim & Pia)
Saturday 13 July Race Day Two / Two races scheduled
10:30 First Warning Signal
17:00 Race Day 2 Prizegiving at ACYC
18:00 Multihull sailing videos on the big screen at ACYC
Sunday 14 July Race Day Three / One or Two races scheduled
10:30 First Warning Signal
17:30 Race Day 3 Prizegiving at ACYC
18:00 Series Prizegiving at ACYC
18:30 Buffet dinner at ACYC
Sponsored by Octopus Electrical Service

ACYC Dining

  • Breakfast is served Friday-Sunday from 08:00
  • Special Multihull Regatta Menu priced at around 200-250 baht available when you come off the water
  • Normal ACYC dinner menu available every evening
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