Nice Beginning

Here a few shots from last weekends Stage 1 beginners course –

these guys were doing so well!


Mission: Sailing Upwind.

I am proud to announce: Mission accomplished!

The Stage 2 course last weekend was a winner – we had wind, we had (almost) no rain aaaaaaand every student sailed upwind!

It was a tough mission to reach that orange mark but everyone made it eventually.
In the end we even had a little race around the triangular course and everyone made it across the finish line.

Congrats guys!

Coming Weekend a Stage 1 Junior course is running so email me and sign up!

Thank you all for the fun (and Peter for the photos!) CSC_0640 DSC_0633 DSC_0635

Fun Sail Training for Stage 1 Students

We are holding a Fun Sail Training on

2nd June 9.30 – 12.30

This is aimed at people who have (almost) completed the Stage 1 Dinghy course.

Fun Sail Training is supposed to encourage you to practice what you have learnt in Stage 1 in a safe environment.
Before committing to the next course come and practice some more, build confidence and meet some of the other kids that are learning to sail.

The Concept:
We will meet at the Yacht Club at 9.30am to set up the boats together.
Aiming at 2 hours on the water playing games that incorporate the skills they have learnt. Basic mistakes will be corrected but it is not the aim to tutor them but to let them explore and discover for themselves what they have learnt in S1.
Back at the dock by 12pm to tidy away the boats and have a short talk about their experience so we can finish at 12.30pm.

We need a minimum of 4 participants who have completed the Stage 1 course.

Non ACYC Member – 1500Thb/Kid per session.
ACYC Member – 1200Thb/Kid per session

For any further questions please email us at

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