New Committee

The ACYC annual General meeting was held on the 6th of April.  The New committee is as follows:

  • Mick Kealy (Commodore)
  • Roger Kingdom (Vice Commodore)
  • Bill Sax (Rear Commodore)
  • June Carwardine (Secretary)
  • Adam Tepper (Treasurer)
  • Scott Duncanson (Racing)
  • Alan Carwardine – general committee
  • Phil Vidal – general committee

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Commodore Grenville Fordham for all his hard work over the past four years as the instigator of the Executive Management Committee which created the fund raising efforts to build the new club house and then the role of personally supervising the building of the premises.  He was instrumental in every aspect of the clubs activities including a pivotal role in the running of the Bay Regatta. After one year as Commodore he managed to sign another extension to our lease, turn our finances from the red to the black and instigate the introduction of a catering company to run our restaurant and bar.

Thank you Gren.

The catering company to run the bar and restaurant have been selected. They are an Australian couple called Kim and Amanda Mitchell. They have vast experience in F&B and are planning to produce quality food for a reasonable price along with a variety of exotic drinks.  They are due to arrive in Phuket in a few weeks where we will then begin the kitchen and bar renovations.  We will notify you all of when the kitchen will close down for its revamp and when the opening party will be.

There is a Mirror sailing  dinghy in the water at the ACYC tied to our dock which is owned by the ACYC and is available to all members to use and enjoy so please take advantage of this and go sailing and exploring around Chalong Bay.

As the new committee is just settling in we will post more news and a planned events program soon.

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